About the blog

Few weeks before launching this blog I saw a tweet by Bruno Škvorc:

Well, I am an ordinary programmer who makes mistakes and has a lot of problems during writing a software. But, who doesn't?!

You've probably heard of rubber duck debugging method. I thought it could be easier to solve the problems if I am going to write some words about them. If I will decide to publish my thoughts, they can be helpful for other developers or may will help to take my point of view to solve them.

But it's not the main reason why I decided to launch this blog. I love IT books and articles and I thought it could be awesome to share me interests and thoughts about these news with readers. I am going to write about new technologies I discover, tools I use, techniques I follow and so on. I hope I will describe them in the most inspiring way if I'll find them worth trying.

Officially, I am a PHP developer but I do a lot of things in many other languages after work. I like to learn new things like new languages to see how problems are solved in their languages. And that's why I am going to write a lot about web development in JavaScript, HTML or CSS; other languages like Java, Python or Ruby as well as TypeScript or Dart.

My English is not perfect. I know it from school, I use it during my work while communicating with users and reading books and documentation and I know it could be better. The most of words and phrasals that I've learnt came from other blogs or books. So please, point any mistakes I make. I know it will be helpful for me as well as for other readers.

Note for constructive reviewers: Feel free to point my mistakes and misunderstanding
Short note for haters: Go and do your homework, if you want to finish primary school